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Michigan Agricultural

Environmental Assurance Program

Are You Verified?

Started in 1998, MAEAP is a voluntary, free program that recognizes farmers who are top stewards of their land. MAEAP helps farmers adopt cost-effective practices that reduce erosion and runoff into ponds, streams, and rivers. This, in turn, helps farmers comply with state and federal laws.


The program includes four steps: 

  1. Attend an education workshop

  2. Invite a local MAEAP technician to tour your farm

  3. Implement practices recommended by the technician

  4. Earn recognition for your work!


Recognition for Your Work

MAEAP recognition can be earned in one or more of four areas:


  1. Farmstead

  2. Cropping

  3. Livestock

  4. Forest, Wetlands, & Habitat

Farmers who earn MAEAP recognition will receive a sign to place on their farm. Thousands of farmers have already received their MAEAP designations. These MAEAP verified farms are assuring the public that the farm is doing everything it can to protect the environment.

Dairy Farmer

Am I Eligible?

MAEAP is open to all Michigan farmers. You can start MAEAP at any time. Farmers who start or receive recognition by certain dates will be at an advantage for cost share, grants, and other assistance programs.

This program is free. Everything we learn about your farm is 100% confidential. This is guaranteed by state law.


Contact the Isabella Conservation District’s  MAEAP Technician, Ken Wawersik at 989-772-5927 ext. 3 to start the process today!

To learn more about MAEAP, visit their website!

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