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Planting a Tree


Every year the district relies on devoted volunteers that spend hours of their time helping at our many events. They could be collecting household hazardous waste, recycling tires,  sorting and packaging trees and shrubs, collecting and sorting electronic waste, speaking at tours/workshops, or helping at the environmental education day.  We have developed long lasting friendships with our volunteers.  It makes working sometimes long late hours enjoyable.  The District is deeply grateful to its volunteers and the invaluable support they contribute to the District's mission and purpose. If you are interested in volunteering with the District, please Contact Us!



COVID-19 Effects

This past Spring and year were very difficult for everyone in so many ways, to say the least.  Some of our volunteers felt it was best for them to take a year off, to stay home and healthy.  We completely understood, but still missed their friendship, being together and doing something we all enjoy.  It was also very noticeable not having the extra hands we so rely on and appreciate.  


We did the best we could with all the new requirements.  We made our working environment as safe as possible for the volunteers that chose to help us.  We provided masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.  Because our tree sale takes place in such a large building and the collections are outside, social distancing was very easy to do.   Despite everything we were still able to have a successful tree sale and had a great turn out for our environmental collections.


We want to thank our volunteers for their dedicated support and everyone that continued to recycle your hazardous material, tires, electronic waste and attend these collections.   These free environmental recycling programs are so important in keeping our environment clean for all of us and future generations.  


We are hoping for a better year and something as near to normal as possible.  


We wish everyone a safe and healthy winter and hope to see you all in the Spring.

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