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Hunting Access Program

How It Works

HAP is a voluntary land leasing program that grants hunters permission to hunt on private lands enrolled in the program. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources leases lands from private landowners to provide hunting areas for hunters where public land is limited or not available. Private landowners are compensated for enrolling their lands, and hunters are afforded more lands to hunt. 


For Land Leasers

Private landowners can choose if all hunters, or youth and apprentice hunters only, may hunt on their property.  They also determine if hunters may harvest deer only, turkey only, small game only, all legal species, or a combination of any of these options. Property owners also specify the maximum number of hunters allowed on their land at any one time. 

Green Farm

For Hunters

Lands enrolled in HAP are available each day on a first-come, first-served basis, and hunters must register at each property headquarters to hunt for the day.  To help hunters locate and scout HAP lands, aerial photographs of HAP properties are available on the DNR’s interactive hunting map application, (, and on the HAP webpage, at Hunters utilizing HAP properties are guests of the landowners. 


Respect of the landowner and landowner’s privacy is vital; use registration services types provided.  Appropriate conduct is expected and helps ensure a good experience for both hunters and landowners.  All rules and regulations enforced by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources apply while hunting on HAP lands.


Lands Currently Enrolled

Isabella County currently has 5 separate properties enrolled in HAP owned by 4 different landowners.  They have chosen different hunting options.  If you hunt on these properties, please pay close attention to those options. 


These are the properties enrolled in HAP for Isabella County:

Roger Brookens | Lincoln Twp., Sec. 18 & 19 – 236 acres.

Small game & turkey only 

Permits are issued from 9200 S. Green Rd., Shepherd, MI 48883


Raymond Sisco | Coldwater Twp., Sec. 33 – 65 acres

Small game & turkey only

Permit box is located on 7429 N. Rolland Rd., Lake, MI 48632 – Barn located on Battle Rd., parking located at driveway adjacent to barn.


Allen Sisco | Coldwater Twp., Sec., 34 – 48 acres

Small game & turkey only

Permit box is located at 7132 N. Rolland Rd., Lake MI 48632


Allen Sisco | Coldwater Twp., 27&28 – 64 acres

Small game & turkey only

Permit box is located at 7132 N. Rolland Rd., Lake MI 48632

This Spring, the District will have more information regarding funding opportunities and enrolling your land in Isabella County.  For more information contact the district office at 989-772-5927 ext. 3.

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