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Who We Are

About the District

Conservation Districts were established in the late 1930's through the 1950's. The Isabella Conservation District was established in 1948. We are local entities of state, local and federal government. Districts operate under the Soil Conservation District Law, Part 93 PA 451 of 1994.

We were created to serve as stewards of our natural resources. We provide site-specific, technical assistance, cost-share assistance (when available), and information to landowners in all aspects of resource management.

Districts are involved in a variety of projects and activities that enhance and protect our land, water, forests, and wildlife. Our services are provided to homeowners, forest landowners, farmers, wildlife enthusiast, and educators.

Conservation Districts are very unique local units of government that utilize state, federal, and local resources to solve today's conservation problems. The guiding philosophy of all Conservation Districts is that local people should make decisions on conservation issues at the local level.

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Programs carried out by Conservation Districts are as diverse as the landscape in Michigan. In southern Michigan, many of the programs deal with conservation needs of the farm community, while in northern Michigan; there is more emphasis on forestry, wildlife, water quality, and recreation. Conservation Districts continue to expand into diverse areas of natural resource management, rising to meet the environmental challenges of their local communities.

Our Vision

The people of Isabella County will work toward mutually supportive goals and objectives that will create an appreciation for their natural resources and quality of life that will encourage preservation for generations.

Our Mission

Continue to seek funding that will help educate, provide technical and cost-share assistance to promote the most effective way to manage the counties natural resources. We will continue to demonstrate and promote low-cost, low-input best management practices that landowners can implement themselves when cost-share is not available.

Our Goals

  • Promote health of Forestland 

  • Promote Wildlife Habitat Development 

  • Provide education and help to improve water quality – surface and groundwater

  • Preserve prime farmland for agricultural purposes 

  • Improve privately owned woodlands 

  • Promote Conservation Education 

  • Promote the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program 

  • Promote groundwater and surface water projects 

  • Keep local groups and organizations informed about district programs 

  • Help to reduce pesticide and fertilizer run-off 

Our Services and Programs

The District provides a variety of services and programs to the Isabella County community for the purpose of promoting wise stewardship of natural resources and environmental responsibility. The District strives to enable community members in conservation efforts and provide services and programs that meet the needs of the community. Our services and programs are listed below; click each link to learn more!

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise." - Aldo Leopold

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